How to get correlation for multiple columns

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As Matlab newbie I'm trying to get correlation of the first column itself and all the others, but can't handle.
Error: You cannot subscript a table using linear indexing (one subscript) or multidimensional indexing (three or more subscripts). Use a row subscript and a variable subscript.
My code:
X = table(Tmin.P1,Tmin.P2,Tmin.H1,Tmin.H2,Tmin.Z1,Tmin.Z2,Tmin.S1)
for i=1, k=0

Accepted Answer

jonas on 11 Nov 2018
Edited: jonas on 11 Nov 2018
Why not just calculate the entire correlation matrix, and then extract the first row or col?
cm = corr(X)
c1n = cm(:,1)
If X is a table, then you need to write something like
cm = corr(X{:,:})
cm = corr(X.Variables)

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Csongor Báthory
Csongor Báthory on 13 Nov 2018
Thank you!
More easier that I thinked. Get to know the basics :)


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