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Using cell array of function handles as nonlinear constraints in fmincon

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I have a cell array of function handles called Eqn, the unknown variable is called T. I want to use these function handles as my nonlinear equality constraints using fmincon.
I am calling my nonlinear constraint function like this:
nonlcon = @(T)EnergyBalance(T,Eqn);
The function is defined as:
function [c,ceq] = EnergyBalance(T,Eqn)
c = [];
ceq = Eqn;
When running I am getting the error "FMINCON requires all values returned by functions to be of data type double." which makes sense as ceq is a cell array. However I cannot convert ceq into a double as it contains multiple function handles.
So my question is: Is there a way to use a group of function handles stored in a cell array as the nonlinear constraints for fmincon?
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Lennart Vogt
Lennart Vogt il 14 Nov 2018
Ok then T is not handed correctly atm. T is supposed to be the unknown vector I am searching for
Torsten il 14 Nov 2018
T is unknown, but a vector of doubles during the solution process, and your function handles have to be evaluated with this vector of doubles. T is not a vector of symbolic variables. I think you mix up symbolic with numerical computations.

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