Acquisition with Analog Discovery 2

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Christophe Combaud
Christophe Combaud on 19 Nov 2018
Commented: Brian Hu on 28 Nov 2018
In order to acquire analog data, I use the Analog Discovery 2 from Digilent. I used the "Data Acquisition Toolbox" and the "Digilent Analog Discovery Support from MATLAB" package.
I achieve to get data in a tab and want to automatically launch the acquisition when the power is high enough. Maybe using a trigger ?
I also can't use the App, my device doesn't appear and the "Refresh" button doesn't change anything.
If someone already used this device can help me !

Accepted Answer

Brian Hu
Brian Hu on 26 Nov 2018
Hi Christophe,
There are a few workflows that you may be interested in looking into. First, make sure that you can detect the Analog Discovery 2 on a separate Digilent software to make sure that your issue is not due to hardware connection. Please also make sure that you have the correct support package for Digilent Analog Discovery Hardware downloaded. I have included the support package in the link below.
After verifying this, you will want to successfully connect to the Analog Discovery 2 device through MATLAB then transmit and receive data. The examples below might be useful for you to get started.
Lastly, if you are interested in launching acquisition when a certain variable reaches a threshold or triggers, you may want to consider using MATLAB callbacks to accomplish this. An alternative would be to have a control for loop within the code that triggers when the power read from the device exceeds your intended threshold. If you are interested in using callback functions, here are a few links that may be helpful.
Brian Hu
Brian Hu on 28 Nov 2018
Please refer to the following documentations for the current hardware limitations with Analog Discovery devices.
If you want to use a digital trigger, this example might be helpful for you to get started.
Otherwise, you can also try rapidly triggering inputSingleScan until the first signal is read, then follow with startForeground in order to capture data. Like you mentioned previously, there is currently no functionality for startBackground with the device you are using.

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