How to find intensity of selected region in an image?

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Pls help me in finding intensity of a specific region within a gray scale image.
Suppose I have two objects in an image. I am intersted in knowing the intensity of those two objects.
Also, is there a mechanism that shows the intensity values of the image when dragging cursor over the image?
Deepak Sivadas Menon

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 21 Nov 2018
Yes. Assuming you have a binary image mask with two regions in there, and a gray scale image "grayImage", do this:
props = regionprops(mask, grayImage, 'MeanIntensity');
allIntensities = [props.MeanIntensity]
To see the intensity as you mouse around over the image, right after you show it with imshow(), call impixelinfo.
hp = impixelinfo();
% To set location of the status bar
hp.Position = [0.2, 0.4, 0.03, 0.4]; % xLeft, yBottom, width, height, all normalized 0-1.

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