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How to print certain block of Simulink model

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Timo Dietz
Timo Dietz il 22 Nov 2018
Commentato: Timo Dietz il 23 Nov 2018
I'm trying to get an image of a specific block inside a Simulink model - programmatically.
I tried the following:
1) Save the model to an image file (print command)
2) get position data of model to be shown
Now, cropping the saved image at the blocks position does not work since there is a factor/offset
between position data and the image pixels.
I didn't manage to get the position data for the whole model with which I could evaluate factor/offset between
model height/width and the number of image rows/columns.
I can read the Simulink window location so I tried to set the model to fit the window. With this information and
the screen resolution it should be possible to calculate the needed parameters. But, even though there is
zoomIn/zoomOut and ZoomFactor for the Simulink window, there is no "fit to view" or "fullscreen' command.
Hope, I could explain my point....
Any ideas? Many thanks in advance

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom il 23 Nov 2018
Rather than trying to locate the block within a larger image, you could simply copy the block into a new model and then take a screen shot of the new model. Use open_system() to create the new model, then add_block to copy block from your original model to newly created model.
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Timo Dietz
Timo Dietz il 23 Nov 2018
Good point. That'll be my backup solution - thank you.
Nevertheless, I'd prefer to have some surroundings also visible, i.e. the block and some context.

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