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Continuous Reception of CANbus Messages

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David Mitchell
David Mitchell il 22 Nov 2018
I am trying to read CANbus messages from a real CANbus channel. Using the Vehicle CANbus Monitor (Vehicle Network Toolbox installed), I can receive all messages ok. However when I try to use MATLAB code, I can only receive 2 or sometimes 3 messages. Following the various examples from the Mathworks site, I am using the following code:
rxCh = canChannel('Kvaser', 'Leaf Light 1', 1);
rxmsg = receive(rxCh, inf, 'OutputFormat', 'timetable');
My assumption is that setting the amount of messages to 'inf' should gather all the messages until I send the stop(rxCh) command? Or should I be using some sort of wait or loop to keep checking for new words?

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