Want to create colors depending on the number of columns i got in my X

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Hello, i want to plot each column, and i want to associate each column with a color but automaticly.
X = [1:26]';
Y = [1:26]';
[n,m] = size(X);
rows = 3;
columns = ceil(n/rows);
extra_row = columns * rows;
X(n+1:extra_row) = NaN;
X_new = reshape(X,rows,columns)
So, if i put a different numbe ron "ROWS" my "X_NEW" will have more or less columns.
Question -> How to create a vector of colors or string of colors depending on the number of columns of X_new?
Thanks for your time

Accepted Answer

Jan on 26 Nov 2018
What about:
CMap = parula(rows)
Jan on 27 Nov 2018
Edited: Jan on 27 Nov 2018
CMap(k, :) is the abbreviation for CMap(k, 1:3), which is exactly the same as [CMap(k,1) CMap(k,2) CMap(k,3)], so I'd prefer the leaner notation.

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