How to get live feed of the camera with maximal intensity.

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Happy PhD
Happy PhD on 29 Nov 2018
Answered: Brian Hu on 3 Dec 2018
I have a GigE 8-, 12- bit monochromatic camera.
I would like to have some kind of live feed of the camera while setting enough filters in front of camera (and setting exposuretime) to maximize signal as much as possible before starting image aquisition and further image processing. The toolbox doesn't show you maximal intensity in the image or show some kind of histogram of this.
How can i get a live feed of the maximal intensity as I manually add filters or change exposure time to avoid saturation while maximize the signal?

Accepted Answer

Brian Hu
Brian Hu on 3 Dec 2018
True real time acquisition of frames is not guaranteed using triggered image acquisition, because the code execution speed and processing might not be able to keep up with the camera acuqisition. However, if you are not particularly worried about occasional dropped frames, you can try implementing a combination of the two example belows in order to process acquired image intensity histograms in a "live" feed.
The first link contains an example which utilizes the Image Acquisition Toolbox tools alongside the Parallel Computing Toolbox's parfeval function in order to acquire frames and save them to the disk concurrently. The second documentation link points to a function in the Image Processing Toolbox, imhist, which accepts collected image data and generates a histogram corrresponding to the intensity values measured from the image.

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