How to open polyspace R2016b project in polyspace R2012 b version?

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please let me know how to open polyspace 2016b projetc in polyspace 2012 b version.
Also could you suggest how to generate synthesis Report in 2016b similar to one we generate in 2012b.
The synthesis file shpuld contain Global Data Dictionary sheet(which contains the list of global variables, W.T, R.T, usage, Detailed type etc)
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Indraja Naga Sai Boorlagadda
No , the two questions are
1. How to open Polypace 2016b project in polyspace 2012b .
2. How to create detailed synthesis report in Polspace 2016b which having the same format (list of global variables, W.T, R.T, usage, Detailed type etc) of synthesis report that was generated in the polyspace 2012b

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Alexandre De Barros
Alexandre De Barros il 5 Dic 2018
  1. You can open R2012b project file with Polyspace R2016b, but in the Open File dialog you have to switch to the .cfg extension (see "Files of type") to see your 12b project.
  2. the detailed synthesis has been replaced by the Export feature in tsv format. See Please note that in 16b the information on global Variables is not exported. You have to use the version R2018a for that. With R2016b, you can generate a report (use the template for Variables) to get the information on global variables.
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