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Artyom on 12 Jul 2012
Hi, everyone. I have .txt data file. Each new line begins with date in format mm/dd/yyyy, for example 06/25/2012. Part of the code:
A = fscanf(fid, '%g/%g/%g, ...
But dates write in 3 columns like [6 25 2012 ...]. Should I leave it or write date in one column as [06/25/2012 ... ]. The goal is to take a part of the history (for example from 6/25/2001 to 6/25/2002). What is the best way to do it?
Artyom on 12 Jul 2012
I think text string as '06/25/2012'. The only question: what is better for search?

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Jan on 12 Jul 2012
Edited: Jan on 12 Jul 2012
Dates in three columns are fine. To convert them to serial date numbers, use datenum.
A = [6, 25, 2012];
DateNumber = datenum(A(3), A(2), A(1))
Artyom on 12 Jul 2012
Ok, we have data in text file like:
02/27/2007 .....
02/27/2012 .....
How can I easily take data from 01/01/2009 to 01/01/2010 and put it to a new matrix.

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