how to export ground truth labeler using image labeler app into table?

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When i run the example ('deeplearning_shared/DeepLearningFasterRCNNObjectDetectionExam*ple'), and load the 'fasterRCNNVehicleTrainingData.mat', it generates 'vehicleTrainingData with value 295*2 table.
When i label my own images using the ImagerLabeler app and export the file, it comes in groud Truth; gTruth with value 1*1 groundTruth...
How do I make it generate or load the data same as the example into table??.
What do i have to do in order to generate the same output value when loading data from image Labeler Ap

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Kazuya Machida
Kazuya Machida on 8 Jan 2019
You can use "objectDetectorTrainingData" function to convert gTruth to table data after exporting gTruth from image labeler app. Could you refer to the document if you want to know how to use it (>>doc objectDetectorTrainingData).
Matpar on 8 Apr 2020
hi guys, try exporting this as a table in the same export dropdown button

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