how to install the SPM 12 into Matlab?

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Catarina Gaglianone
Catarina Gaglianone il 13 Dic 2018
Commentato: Farhia Shafira il 17 Set 2021
I have downloaded spm 12,(files from UCL) but I cant use it in matlab.
I dont know what to do and I have tried several times and no use. Could you please give me instructions on how to use SPM to carry out my analysis
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Ale804 il 5 Ago 2019
Modificato: Ale804 il 5 Ago 2019
I found this helpful (you have to add ALL subfolders - which none fo the install guides mention..
소연 이
소연 이 il 10 Nov 2020
you saved my life thanks

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Akshay Khadse
Akshay Khadse il 26 Dic 2018
I found the installation instructions on the following SPM Wiki Page:
You will need to follow these steps to get SPM working:
1) Unzip in a folder of your choice, such as C:\Users\login\Documents\MATLAB\spm12).
2) Start MATLAB and add SPM into your path, either using File > Set Path > Add Folder... or typing the following in the MATLAB Command window:
>> addpath C:\Users\login\Documents\MATLAB\spm12
3) Launch SPM by using the command
>> spm
However, please note that the SPM Wiki page has been marked as outdated. You might need to figure out some additional steps to get this working.
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Narin Deveci
Narin Deveci il 15 Nov 2020
I am having the same problem too :(
Thomas Rust
Thomas Rust il 29 Gen 2021
I am also having the same problem

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Lewis il 9 Feb 2021
Modificato: Lewis il 9 Feb 2021
If you are on windows and "right-click/Extract All...", then it creates a nested directory which means MATLAB doesn't recognise spm12. For example if you want spm to be in C:/Users/You/Documents/MATLAB, after extracting it you will end up with C:/Users/You/Documents/MATLAB/spm12/spm12/... . If you add the first spm to the path it won't work. You have to cut the spm12 sub-folder out into the parent path so that it looks like this: C:/Users/You/Documents/MATLAB/spm12/... . Or just add the spm12 sub-folder.

Abdulrahman Alduraywish
Abdulrahman Alduraywish il 4 Feb 2021
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Rik il 5 Feb 2021
Please replace the link by the actual instructions.

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