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Issue with distributing simulink models containing protected reference model

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We have been provided with a Simulink model that contains protected referenced model created using R2017b.
When I try to authorize it (by right clicking on the shield icon on the bottom left corner) I get the following error:
The protected model <model name> was created with an incompatible version of slprj. Recreate this protected model with the version of Simulink that you are currently using and try again
The protected model has been created using R2017b and I'm trying to use it in R2017b (both on Windows 10, if that matters).
Any thoughts?
Thank you

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Sunny Talekar
Sunny Talekar il 16 Gen 2019
I have managed to resolve this. Thought it might be worth sharing if anyone else encounters similar issue.
It is important that the protected models and the model that references the protected model are created in the “exact” same versions of MATLAB. I was using (R2017b) Update 9 but the protected model, provided by 3rd party, was created using standard R2017b. Once they moved to Update 9 and regenerated the protected model, I was able to include it in my setup without any issues.

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