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My simulation is showing very small time not the total time period. Can anyone suggest the solution

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I'm a learner. I want to know why my model is running or showing the out very less time. instead of total simulation time 0.1 it is showing for only from 0.09 to 0.1. cany anyone have suggestions.

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Aquatris il 27 Dic 2018
In the setting of the scope (the gear symbol on the left top corner), there is a 'history' tab. In there remove the tick from 'Limit data points to last' option.
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Manjunath GM
Manjunath GM il 28 Dic 2018
Thanks for your suggestion it really helped me. can you suggest me how to limit my output to 5v if you have gone through the model. in the paper they used some windup technique to limit the output but i'm not getting any idea of that since it is not mentioned in any references also.

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