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How to avoid unwanted values in for loop

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Hi everybody, I am using the following for loop code
for j = 3:1:6
This gives me A=[0 0 0.001 0.0001 1e-05 1e-06]
I need the value of A for j = 3, 4, 5, and 6. In the above result my desired values are (0.001 0.0001 1e-05 1e-06). I don’t know from where the first 2 values (0 0) come, which are not required here. Any guidance will be appreciated thanks

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madhan ravi
madhan ravi il 31 Dic 2018
Modificato: madhan ravi il 31 Dic 2018
Reason: The first two elements are zero because you assign the values from index three so matlab assigns the first two values as zeros because matlab index starts from one.
You don't need loop at all:
But if you insist one then:
A=zeros(1,numel(n)); % preallocate
for j = 1:numel(n)
A=[ 0.001, 0.0001, 0.00001, 0.000001]
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Safi ullah
Safi ullah il 31 Dic 2018
In present case I need for loop your code works well @ madhan ravi thanks

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