Using segnet for image segmentation

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Deepak Sivadas
Deepak Sivadas il 31 Dic 2018
Commentato: Kartik Mittal il 4 Gen 2019
Pls attend to my queries related to image segmentation using CNN making use of function 'segnetLayers':-
  1. Can segnet be used for monochrome images?
  2. What should be the size of input images? any specific? or Can input layer neuron be changed accordingly?
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Kartik Mittal
Kartik Mittal il 4 Gen 2019
Please refer to the documentation link -
My understanding is that you can use it for monochrome images, the inputsize depends in the number of channels for the image itself, [height, width, depth] where depth is the number of channels, 1 for a monochrome.

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