App Designer creates components every time I open the project

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Hello my name is Pedro,
I am developing an app and my problem is that from one time a few days ago every time I open the project, it shows that there are new components with the same name in the same place that I did not create. It was not a big problem the first two or three times because it creates 20 or 30 components, but the last time I opened the project It had created over 400 components with the name 'app.EditLabel_37', and every time I open the project it has more. I have to spend like 15 minutes deleting all of these components and every day more and more time is waste in this labor. Please, can someone explain why is this happening and help me solving this problem?
Thank you very much!

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Melissa Williams
Melissa Williams il 4 Gen 2019
Hi Pedro,
Please contact MathWorks tech support and if possible include your app. I believe someone may be able to help repair your app to keep this from happening.

Lauri Kurki
Lauri Kurki il 27 Gen 2019
Hi Melissa,
I'm having the same kind of problem as Pedro. Restarting Matlab (2018b in my case) has so far removed the spurious components every time. However, I hope this bug (or feature) gets fixed in 2019a :)

Ijab Zhan
Ijab Zhan il 30 Gen 2019
Hi Pedro,
As Melissa mentioned, to recover your app, please contact tech support, and provide your app. Someboday will get it fixed for you.
@Lauri Kurki This bug has been fixed in 19a, and also it will be included into 2018b Updates 3. To keep in mind that the fix will not help to repair the already corrupted apps, and it's to stop the corrupted situation happening.


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