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Parallel Computing workers problem

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Daniil il 24 Gen 2019
Risposto: Jason Ross il 31 Gen 2019
I got 2 PC with 10, Intel Core i7-6700 CPU 3.4Ghz, NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti, Matlab 2018b with Parallel Computing Toolbox,
connected with Ethernet cable (without any routers ar switches, directly)
My question is - is that possible to unite both PCs with in a cluster for parallel computing (using CPU and GPU)?
Task to compute is a giant simulink model, not just basic Matlab code.
I tried to follow basic help, but couldnt see workers on a second PC, dunno why. Could some1 make a guide from start to end on this?

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross il 31 Gen 2019
There are a few things to make a cluster using multiple machines.
  • You need to install MDCS (MATLAB Distributed Computing Server) on each machine. This is a different license than Parallel Computing Toolbox. There is a more detailed installation guide here.
  • A cluster needs a correctly configured network to be able to run. Name resolution of cluster hosts, the correct open ports, etc. We ship a tool called Admin Center which can help you set up and run a cluster, and it includes diagnostic tools to check that hosts are configured correctly.
  • Installation help and support is available for MDCS. Contact support directly, they are there to help.
In order to use the GPU, it depends on your operating system and nVidia driver.
  • On Linux you can install the driver and the workers will be able to utilize the GPU.
  • On Windows the driver needs to be able to be put into TCC mode for workers to access the GPU. There are some restrictions on which cards can be put into this mode -- some are put in place by the driver, and if you are driving a display with the GPU it will not be accessible.
  • The documentation for nvidia-smi can be found on nVidia's website or within the utility itself (--help).
  • On Linux, it's generally on the path, and on Windows it's in C:\Program Files\Nvidia Corporation\NVSMI\nvidia-smi.exe.


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