Trouble with pointgrey FlyCap adaptor for MATLAB

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I am trying to use pointgrey Flea3 cameras.
Outside of MATLAB I have installed the FlyCAp 2.9 software and when I use this software directly my cameras are recongized. To try and use the cameras through matlab i installed the pointgrey adaptor add on offered nby the image acquisition toolbox. However even after rebooting MATLAB does not recognize the installation of the adaptor and does not recognize mycameras as video input devices.
What should i do?

Accepted Answer

Brian Hu
Brian Hu on 6 Feb 2019
This issue seems to occur from the Point Grey adaptor requiring a different version of the FlyCapture software than the one you have. You can find more information on how to resolve your issue in the comments from the link below.

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Adithya Rajagopalan Echambadi
Thanks Brian, Uninstalling the previously installed version of flycap, uninstalling the adaptor and then reinstalling the adaptor which automatically installed flycap viewer 2.11 fixed the issue. Once i did this i was then able to reinstal flycap 2.9 which i needed for other purposes. Everything seems to be running smoothly now.

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