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Matlab program crashing while trying to run in background (by adding &)

Asked by Sajan Mushini on 15 Feb 2019
Latest activity Answered by Sajan Mushini on 19 Feb 2019
hi all
a new user here. version: 2018b .OS: red hat Linux
i am trying to run a marlab program in background.
matlab -nodesktop -nosplash <script> output.txt &
it crashes but when i remove "&" it works fine.
any suggestions appreciated.

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is there an error message ?
did you try redirecting stderr as well ?

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1 Answer

Answer by Sajan Mushini on 19 Feb 2019

Yes, it was complaining about missing "END" statement. GUI version was able to run the same code. I commented out 'fclose all' in my code and it worked. Thanks for the prompt reply.


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