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Inserting a word equation in Matlab

Asked by Karel
on 26 Jul 2012
I wrote an equation in Microsoft Word with the equation tools (linear form :I(f)=∫_a^b▒[∫_y1(x)^y2(x)▒f(x,y)dy]dx) Is there a way to display the profesional form in matlab?


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2 Answers

Answer by Davide Ferraro on 26 Jul 2012

Depending on the purpose you have multiple approaches.
If it's going on the command window your option is to write the Symbolic expression and use the PRETTY command:
Into the editor you can use LaTeX expression that are converted into equations when publishing:
If you clarify the purpose we may provide you more specific suggestions.


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Answer by Karel
on 26 Jul 2012

It would be needed in the editor, could you help me with the LaTeX? Your links are no longer valid


i followed the advice of the second link. It created this yellow screen (dont know why), and i entered my equation (\int_a^b\!\int_y1(x)^y2(x) f(x,y)dydx i think), but when i execute my program, nothing appears?
By execute do you mean publish?

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