simscape compile and deploy

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Benoit Laveau
Benoit Laveau il 27 Feb 2019
Risposto: Abhishek Singh il 6 Mar 2019
Hi MAtlab users,
I have a question related to the use of Simscape and the possibility to deploy a Simscape compiled model.
Is it possible to setup a model using Simscape (basic license) and then compile it to make it available on machines without Simscape license: would it require a Simulink license to run?
Also what would be the packages needed to compile the model?
Thanks for your help

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Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh il 6 Mar 2019
Hi Benoit,
Generally, you can use MATLAB Compiler to deploy applications generated using MATLAB on computers which do not have a MATLAB installation. But some Mathworks products are not eligible for distribution and SimScape is among one of those, you can refer this link regarding the same:


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