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how to change a txt file name dynamically?

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Luis Eduardo Cofré Lizama
Risposto: KSSV il 28 Feb 2019
Dear All, I am struggling to change the name of the files saved after I re-arrange my data. I have a loop (x3) in which I read
filename = [Directory,'/S1_S3/MS',num2str(m),'/S',num2str(s),'/C',num2str(c),'.txt'];
then once my data is reorganized I want to save it with a loop-changing name and adding _EMG at the end so the result for m=1,s=1, c=1should look like:
Also, and perhaps before the above, I need to add a row at the top of my data (3951x13 cell) which contains the headers. BTW I have the headers in a string and need to assign 1 to each column to then save as .txt (tab delimited).
Thanks so much in advance

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KSSV il 28 Feb 2019
for i = 1:10
fname = strcat('M1S1C',num2str(i),'_EMG.txt')




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