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Highlighting a portion of an image created from a matrix using "pcolor"

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I have created an image to visualize a matrix I have using pcolor function. The plot is shown below. I want to highlight elements of the matrix located in the range [65 95] using a square frame or anything else. I have created a square around this area manually but it is not perfect. Any idea?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 4 Mar 2019
  • You can use rectangle() to draw on the display.
  • You can use the Computer Vision function insertShape() to write into an array (probably displaying the array later)
  • You can use assignment statements to write into an array (probably displaying the array later)
xloc = 65:95;
yloc = 65:100;
YourArray(yloc, xloc([1 end]), :) = 255; %left and right edges
YourArray(yloc([1 end]), xloc, :) = 255; %top and bottom edges
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Ismaeel il 4 Mar 2019
So, the matrix I have is of [176 176] dimension.I wanted to label both axes with their corresponding row and column number; that is, from 1 to 176 on both axes. Or, if the labels are so dense and can't be read, I wonder if I can divide the labels into groups.
Ismaeel il 4 Mar 2019
Modificato: Ismaeel il 4 Mar 2019
Thanks Walter Roberson once again; I have solved the legend problem using the "xticks, xticklabels, xtickangle" functions you referred to.

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