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how to compare elements in an array respectively

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omar mahallawy
omar mahallawy on 4 Mar 2019
i have a static array and 13 variable arrays, each array is the same in terms of size, but now i need to know how can i compare
element 1 with element 1
element 2 with element 2
and so on.....
then goes into an if condition
attached here is what i have so far
omar mahallawy
omar mahallawy on 5 Mar 2019
Max=[ 29 17 23 29] %static vector
A =7 13 16 28 %from for loop
B = 9 15 18 30 %from for loop
comparing vectors A and B to vector Max
A is accepted becasue non of it's elements exceed the specified elements in vector Max
B is rejected Becasue 30>29

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Answers (2)

Ramnarayan Krishnamurthy
Ramnarayan Krishnamurthy on 21 Jun 2019
If I understand correctly, you are comparing the arrays element wise and then deciding based on a condition. One approach could be the following:
% Compare elementwise between A and Max; then check if any of the values is non zero i.e. 1
any(A > Max)
% Then use the above as a condition in an if loop to accept or reject the array
if (~any(A>Max)) % then accept
Depending on how you store the 13 variable arrays (A,B, etc) you may be able to accomplish this in a loop

Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov on 25 Jul 2019
Here is a short anwer:
Max_vs_AB = any(Max>A & Max>B);
A_vs_B = any(A>B);
if Max_vs_AB ==1 && A_vs_B==1
fprintf('Accepted matrix is B \n')
elseif Max_vs_AB == 0
fprintf('Accepted matrix is Max \n')
fprintf('Accepted matrix is A \n')


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