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UDP sending data too slowly from Vicon to Simulink

Asked by Jasvir Virdi on 20 Mar 2019
I am currently working on the parrot mambo mini drone and am trying to send position and angular data from Vicon to Simulink. I am trying to do this using UDP protocol and have followed the steps listed on Vicon's website:
The setup is as follows: I have Vicon Tracker software on a main desktop pc (seperate) and I am using UDP to transfer data from that PC into my laptop. I again use UDP send to send this data to parrot mambo mini drone. I am currently using 3 markers on my drone.
I am able to do this somewhat successfully. I get the positions of the drone into my laptop when it is kept stationary in the vicon arena. However, when the drone's position is changed (manually or by making it fly), the position data in my laptop takes atleast 12 seconds to update. Hence, I am unable to implement control algorithms in real time. Ideally, it should change in milliseconds.
Could anyone enlightem me as to why is there such a huge delay using UDP? (I have attached the model for your reference)


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