Non-interactive display of object in variable editor

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I have a fairly complex, object-oriented simulation. I often use the variable editor look at object properties during debugging. Since 2019a some but not all of the objects don't open interactively anymore, but rather as text, as if you had entered a variable name in the command window. This only happens when I am paused in the debugger using a breakpoint. If nothing is running I can access the same object as expected.
Has something changed within MATLAB? Is this an issue with the object properties?
In the example shown in the image below, all properties are
(SetAccess = protected, GetAccess = public)
The variable 'this' refers to the current object. Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 3.28.46 PM.png

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Alexander May
Alexander May on 26 Apr 2019
I have experienced this issue as well and submitted a ticket to MathWorks support. I created a small app which contains instructions on how to reproduce the issue. See the attached "".
Unfortunately it seems that there is no solution at this time.
Here is the MathWorks support reply to my support ticket:
Hello Alexander,
I am writing in reference to your Technical Support Case #03583027 regarding 'Non-interactive display of objects in variable editor'.
The issue that you are seeing is because of a bug in our MATLAB source code. I have reported the same and have associated your case to the report. The developers are looking into the same and you will be notified once it is fixed.
Meanwhile, I am closing this case for now. Please write back to me if you have any further questions/ comments regarding the same. I shall be happy to reopen the case and assist you further.
Please preserve the Reference ID in further correspondence on this query. This allows our systems to automatically associate your reply to the appropriate Case.
If you have a new technical support question, please submit a new request here:
Abhi Baruah
Mathworks Technical Support

Sven Merk
Sven Merk on 25 Jun 2019
Edited: Sven Merk on 25 Jun 2019
I'm having the same issue. Thank you to Alexander May for reporting it.
In the meantime I'm using following workaround:
Whenever I want to inspect a value inside the object of interest, I call it in the command prompt, e.g.
>> this.afSSM_VectorXOld
according to the original post. Usually you can then inspect the "ans" variabale the usual way.
However this workaround is a pain and I really hope the issue will be addressed in an update soon.


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