deepdream error at cuda

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hi i want to see the deepdream image of googlenetwork pool1-norm1 it works for next layers i receive error
anyone knows what this error means ?
Error using nnet.internal.cnngpu.convolveForward2D
Unexpected error calling cuDNN: CUDNN_STATUS_BAD_PARAM.
net_ser = SeriesNetwork(netGoogleTrained.Layers);
layern='pool1-norm1';%5 ok
layern='inception_3a-3x3'%16 fail
ch=[1 2];
I = deepDreamImage(net_ser,layern,ch);
for i = 1:2

Accepted Answer

Maria Duarte Rosa
Maria Duarte Rosa on 5 Apr 2019
Hi Michael, thanks for your question.
deepDreamImage does not currently support DAG networks, such as GoogLeNet, and there is no way to convert a DAGNetwork into a SeriesNetwork because the latter can only be used for networks with all the layers arranged one after the other (such as AlexNet).
For other visualization techniques I suggest:
Having said this, deepDreamImage is expected to work with DAG networks in future releases.

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