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readtable xlsx with date

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Rica il 29 Apr 2019
Commentato: Rica il 30 Apr 2019
Hi every one,
i have data in many excell scheets. I wrote a code to read the sheets:
numVars = 6;
VarSheet=1 ;
varNames = {'Date','Time','M1','T1','L1','L2'} ;
varTypes = {'char','char','char','double','double','double'} ;
dataRange = 'A8:F47';
opts = spreadsheetImportOptions('NumVariables',numVars,'VariableNames',varNames,'VariableTypes',varTypes,'DataRange', dataRange...
% preview('VergleichsmessungSep3.xlsx',opts)
Meas1 = readtable('Test.xlsx',opts);
How could read Date and Time coulmns and use it for plots?

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Jan il 29 Apr 2019
Modificato: Jan il 29 Apr 2019
What about:
varTypes = {'datetime','datetime','char','double','double','double'} ;
What exactly does "use it for plots" mean?
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Jan il 29 Apr 2019
@Rica: I'm glad if I could help you.
Please post comments in the section for comments.
Rica il 30 Apr 2019
I solve it like this:

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KSSV il 29 Apr 2019
T = readtable('Test.xlsx') ;

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