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vector indexing in different dimension

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Hello everyone,
i am looking for a way to do the following without a for loop.
Suppose i have an array C of 100 elements and i have some events in the array (3 events) that i want to perform operation on.
A = [1; 20; 35;] this is the start index of those events
B = [5; 22; 55;] this is the end index of those events
how can i in one command for example do the following?
max(C(A:B)) where it should look for the max element of the event using index of A(1):B(1), A(2):B(2) and A(3):B(3)
thank u

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Stephane Dauvillier
Stephane Dauvillier il 29 Apr 2019
You can use arrayfun function:
arrayfun(@(a,b) max(C(a:b)),A,B)

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