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uipushtool not shown correctly when the State is 'on' and figure is on focus

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I'm running R2019a on a Mac, and I've detected that the uipushtool icons in a figure do not appear shadowed when they are in 'On' state when the figure is on focus. I've written a small script to describe the problem:
fh = figure();
b = uitoolbar(fh);
a = rand(8,8,3);
htt = uitoggletool(b,'CData',a,'TooltipString','Hello');
htt.State = 'on';
fh.Name = 'So, the pushtool is not shadowed... but way three seconds...';
newFigure = figure();
fh.Name = '.... now it IS shadowed, as the focus is transferred to another figure';
newFigure.Name = 'I am the figure under focus... look at the pushtool in the other figure!';
Is there a (lower level) way to enforce that the icon of the uitoggletool appears correctly shadowed when the state is 'On'?

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