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Thingspeak bulk update csv problem

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I'm not able to perform the bulk update using either an embedded system (ESP8266) or sending a POST request via web based service (
I always get a 400 response with "The request cannot be fulfilled due to bad syntax."
No problem using the standard write data interface (but of course it's limited to one message).
The POST request content is (I have my key instead of XX):
I did a lot of trials changing the number of parameters and the time format, but always with the same result.
Is anyone able to perform any kind of bulk update?


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Accepted Answer

Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler on 6 May 2019
What URL are you sending the POST request? For this format, you need this URL:
Replace XXXYYY with your channel ID.


Alberto Maccioni
Alberto Maccioni on 7 May 2019
Yes, the URL is correct.
I tried http, https, and without prefix.
By the way, same thing with json bulk update.
Have you tried any kind of bulk update lately?
Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler on 8 May 2019
I see the issue. You need to change timeFormat to time_format.
I will have the doc team make sure the example is written consistently.
Alberto Maccioni
Alberto Maccioni on 8 May 2019
Thanks a lot, it works now.

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