Setting figure size in Livescript (globally)

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Tim Hilt
Tim Hilt on 11 May 2019
Commented: Gary Clayman on 7 Oct 2022
How can i set the size of a figure in a Matlab-Livescript? I didn't find any documentation or forum-posts on that topic but looking at the .pdf-Files that are output by the .pdf-exporter shows figure sizes that are nowhere near acceptable.
Included images are scalable by using mouse handles. I get, that that's not possible with plots, but setting the width (height would be adjusted), ideally globally throughout the document would be a real benefit

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Owen Paul
Owen Paul on 20 Nov 2019
Hi Tim,
Just ran into this issue myself and I was able to edit the figure's position property to decrease the size which also results in a decreased size when saving as a PDF. To do this you will need a handle for the plot's grandparent (I guess that would be the name). This doesn't deal with the global issue but it is a quick fix.
p = scatter(dat.RatedHP,dat.MPG);
k = p.Parent;
k.Parent.Position = [360 198 400 300]; % this size worked for me
[360 198 560 420] is the default position for reference.
wu lei
wu lei on 24 Aug 2021

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Shirin Madarshahian
Shirin Madarshahian on 18 Sep 2020
Hi Tim,
If you change the figure properties, the figure size will be ok in your live editor. So for exaplme wherever you ploted something go and set the figure as below:
figure('Renderer', 'painters', 'Position', [10 10 900 600])
This will make your plot in paper size and then when you save it as pdf or word file it will be ok.
Shirin M

Mariusz Wilk
Mariusz Wilk on 13 Jun 2019
I had a similar problem. I had this problem when I tried to export my Live script by pressing Ctrl+P. The figures were oversized. It can be solved by clicking on the Export to PDF button in the Live Editor Tab, under Save.
I don't know if it helps. Maybe you've already tried it.


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