How can I read and display a geotiff images created by arcgis?

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How can I read and show up a geotiff image which is created by arcgis?
The code: [A,R]=geotiffread(filename) figure mapshow(A,R);
couldn't read and display my image.
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KSSV il 13 Mag 2019
Why it could not read and display? Any error? YOu need to give more details. Attach your image.

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Prathamesh Degwekar
Prathamesh Degwekar il 21 Mag 2019
If this is all your code is and you're still getting an error, it preliminarily points to an issue with your image itself. Maybe try to open an online image or try it with an image that you know for sure is valid.
Alternatively maybe try opening your image with a standard geoTIFF viewer to ensure that it is a valid geoTIFF image.
Hope this helps.


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