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get local temperature into thingspeak

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frank odonnell
frank odonnell on 3 Jun 2019
Commented: frank odonnell on 6 Jun 2019
need to know how to retrieve local outdoor temperature in Celsius from say "" or similar so that Thingspeak/MATLABThingspeak/MATLAB can use it to analyze ideal humidity?
Thank you


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Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler on 5 Jun 2019
Try and passing in decimal degrees location for your city.
natickWeather = webread('');
humidity = str2double(natickWeather.currentobservation.Relh)


frank odonnell
frank odonnell on 5 Jun 2019
Thank you Hans,
Would the code extract be placed in a MATLAB file?
Seems the link only works for USA locations, not including Canada.
Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler on 6 Jun 2019
True. This a United States government feed. I do not know of any one that covers the world. What locations do you need covered?
frank odonnell
frank odonnell on 6 Jun 2019
Canadian cities, for example Calgary, Alberta. If there is a service that allows access to the weather data using Thingspeak or MATLAB?
As you mught guess, I am new at this Thingspeak/Matlab application. I can get my data to display on my channels, and I would like to do some calcs based on changing barometric pressure, outdoor temperature, e.g. for weather changes and for ideal humidity, and to Email/Txt alerts.

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