Please i need help, i encountered the error saying In an assignment A(I) = B, the number of elements in B and I must be the same. Please a matlab expert should correct and ddebug thanks.

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function y = cap2_rubeola_back_forw
test = -1;
delta = 0.001;
M = 999;
t = linspace(0,tf,M+1);
h = tf/M;
h2 = h/2;
u = zeros(1,M+1);
lambda1 = zeros(1,M+1);
lambda2 = zeros(1,M+1);
lambda3 = zeros(1,M+1);
lambda4 = zeros(1,M+1);
x1(1) = 0.0555;
x2(1) = 0.0003;
x3(1) = 0.0004;
x4(1) = 1;
while(test < 0)
oldu = u;
oldx1 = x1;
oldx2 = x2;
oldx3 = x3;
oldx4 = x4;
oldlambda1 = lambda1;
oldlambda2 = lambda2;
oldlambda3 = lambda3;
oldlambda4 = lambda4;
for i = 1:M
m11 = A(1)-beta*x1(i)*x2(i)-psi*x1(i)*x3(i)/(x3(i)+xi)-(mu+u(i))*x1(i)-theta*x4(i);
m12 = beta*x1(i)*x2(i)-psi*x1(i)*x3(i)/(x3(i)+xi)-(alpha+mu+k)*x2(i);
m13 = z*x2(i)-(delta+eta)*x3(i);
m14 = alpha*x2(i)-(theta+mu)*x4(i)+u(i)*x1(i);
m21 = A(1)-beta*(x1(i)+h2*m11)*(x2(i)+h2*m12)-psi*(x1(i)+h2*m11)*(x3(i)+h2*m13)/((x3(i)+h2*m13)+xi)-(mu+(0.5*(u(i) + u(i+1))))*(x1(i)+h2*m11)-theta*(x4(i)+h2*m14);
m22 = beta*(x1(i)+h2*m11)*(x2(i)+h2*m12)-psi*(x1(i)+h2*m11)*(x3(i)+h2*m13)/((x3(i)+h2*m13)+xi)-(alpha+mu+k)*(x2(i)+h2*m12);
m23 = z*(x2(i)+h2*m12)-(delta+eta)*(x3(i)+h2*m13);
m24 = alpha*(x2(i)+h2*m12)-(theta+mu)*(x4(i)+h2*m14)+((0.5*(u(i) + u(i+1))))*(x1(i)+h2*m11);
m31 = A(1)-beta*(x1(i)+h2*m21)*(x2(i)+h2*m22)-psi*(x1(i)+h2*m21)*(x3(i)+h2*m23)/((x3(i)+h2*m23)+xi)-(mu+(0.5*(u(i) + u(i+1))))*(x1(i)+h2*m21)-theta*(x4(i)+h2*m24);
m32 = beta*(x1(i)+h2*m21)*(x2(i)+h2*m22)-psi*(x1(i)+h2*m21)*(x3(i)+h2*m23)/((x3(i)+h2*m23)+xi)-(alpha+mu+k)*(x2(i)+h2*m22);
m33 = z*(x2(i)+h2*m22)-(delta+eta)*(x3(i)+h2*m23);
m34 = alpha*(x2(i)+h2*m22)-(theta+mu)*(x4(i)+h2*m24)+((0.5*(u(i) + u(i+1))))*(x1(i)+h2*m21);
m41 = A(1)-beta*(x1(i)+h2*m31)*(x2(i)+h2*m32)-psi*(x1(i)+h2*m31)*(x3(i)+h2*m33)/((x3(i)+h2*m33)+xi)-(mu+ u(i+1))*(x1(i)+h2*m31)-theta*(x4(i)+h2*m34);
m42 = beta*(x1(i)+h2*m31)*(x2(i)+h2*m32)-psi*(x1(i)+h2*m31)*(x3(i)+h2*m33)/((x3(i)+h2*m33)+xi)-(alpha+mu+k)*(x2(i)+h2*m32);
m43 = z*(x2(i)+h2*m32)-(delta+eta)*(x3(i)+h2*m33);
m44 = alpha*(x2(i)+h2*m32)-(theta+mu)*(x4(i)+h2*m34)+ u(i+1)*(x1(i)+h2*m31);
x1(i+1) = x1(i) + (h/6)*(m11 + 2*m21 + 2*m31 + m41);
x2(i+1) = x2(i) + (h/6)*(m12 + 2*m22 + 2*m32 + m42);
x3(i+1) = x3(i) + (h/6)*(m13 + 2*m23 + 2*m33 + m43);
x4(i+1) = x4(i) + (h/6)*(m14 + 2*m24 + 2*m34 + m44);
for i = 1:M
j = M + 2 - i;
n11 = Q - beta*x2*(lambda1(j)-lambda2(j))- psi*x3(j)/(x3(j)+ xi)*((lambda1(j)-lambda2(j)))-(mu + u(j));
n12 = Q2-lambda1(j)*beta*x1 + lambda2(j)*beta*x1-(alpha + mu + k)+lambda3(j)*z+lambda4(j)*alpha;
n13 = -lambda1(j)*psi*x3(j)*x1(j)/(x3(j)+ xi)^2;
n14 = -lambda4(j)*(theta+mu)+u(j)*x1(j);
n21 = Q - beta*(0.5*(x2(j)+x2(j-1)))*((lambda1(j)-h2*n11)-(lambda2(j)-h2*n12))- psi*(0.5*(x3(j)+x3(j-1)))/((x3(j)+x3(j-1))*xi)*((lambda1(j)-h2*n11)-(lambda2(j)-h2*n12))-(mu + u(j));
n22 = Q2-(lambda1(j)- h2*n11)*beta*(x1(j)+x1(j-1)) + (lambda2(j)-h2*n12)*beta*(x1(j)+x1(j-1))-(alpha + mu + k)+(lambda3(j)-h2*n13)*z+(lambda4(j)-h2*n14)*alpha;
n23 = -(lambda1(j)-h2*n11)*psi*(x3(j)+x3(j-1))*(x1(j)+x1(j-1))/(x3(j)+x3(j-1)+ xi)^2-(lambda2(j)-h2*n12)*psi*x3(j)*x1(j)/(x3(j)+ xi)^2-(lambda3(j)-h2*n13)*(delta+eta)+(lambda1(j)-h2*n11)*theta;
n24 = -(lambda4(j)-h2*n14)*(theta+mu)+u(j)*x1(j);
n31 = Q - beta*(0.5*(x2(j)+x2(j-1)))*((lambda1(j)-h2*n21)-(lambda2(j)-h2*n22))- psi*(0.5*(x3(j)+x3(j-1)))/((x3(j)+x3(j-1))*xi)*((lambda1(j)-h2*n21)-(lambda2(j)-h2*n22))-(mu + u(j));
n32 = Q2-(lambda1(j)- h2*n21)*beta*(x1(j)+x1(j-1)) + (lambda2(j)-h2*n22)*beta*(x1(j)+x1(j-1))-(alpha + mu + k)+(lambda3(j)-h2*n23)*z+(lambda4(j)-h2*n24)*alpha;
n33 = -(lambda1(j)-h2*n21)*psi*(x3(j)+x3(j-1))*(x1(j)+x1(j-1))/(x3(j)+x3(j-1)+ xi)^2-(lambda2(j)-h2*22)*psi*x3(j)*x1(j)/(x3(j)+ xi)^2-(lambda3(j)-h2*23)*(delta+eta)+(lambda1(j)-h2*n21)*theta;
n34 = -(lambda4(j)-h2*n24)*(theta+mu)+u(j)*x1(j);
n41 = Q - beta*(0.5*(x2(j)+x2(j-1)))*((lambda1(j)-h2*n31)-(lambda2(j)-h2*n32))- psi*(0.5*(x3(j)+x3(j-1)))/((x3(j)+x3(j-1))*xi)*((lambda1(j)-h2*n31)-(lambda2(j)-h2*n32))-(mu + u(j));
n42 = Q2-(lambda1(j)- h2*n31)*beta*(x1(j)+x1(j-1)) + (lambda2(j)-h2*n32)*beta*(x1(j)+x1(j-1))-(alpha + mu + k)+(lambda3(j)-h2*n33)*z+(lambda4(j)-h2*n34)*alpha;
n43 = -(lambda1(j)-h2*n31)*psi*(x3(j)+x3(j-1))*(x1(j)+x1(j-1))/(x3(j)+x3(j-1)+ xi)^2-(lambda2(j)-h2*32)*psi*x3(j)*x1(j)/(x3(j)+ xi)^2-(lambda3(j)-h2*33)*(delta+eta)+(lambda1(j)-h2*n31)*theta;
n44 = -(lambda4(j)-h2*n34)*(theta+mu)+u(j)*x1(j);
lambda1(j-1) = lambda1(j) - h/6*(n11 + 2*n21 + 2*n31 + n41);
lambda2(j-1) = lambda2(j) - h/6*(n12 + 2*n22 + 2*n32 + n42);
lambda3(j-1) = lambda3(j) - h/6*(n13 + 2*n23 + 2*n33 + n43);
lambda4(j-1) = lambda4(j) - h/6*(n14 + 2*n24 + 2*n34 + n44);

Accepted Answer

James Browne
James Browne on 12 Jun 2019
Edited: James Browne on 12 Jun 2019
When I test your code, I do not get the same errors. It could be that I had to guess where to place the end statements which were missing from your code, based in the indentation, it looks like they belong at the end?
Also, your while loop is looking for the variable "test" to be greater than 0 before it terminates but I do not see any code whcih changes the variable "test" from it's original value, so even with the end statements properly installed and your indexing problem fixed, the code will trap the processor in the while loop for eternity.
When I added the two missing end statements at the end of your code and ran it, I got the following error:
Unable to perform assignment because the left and right sides have a different number of elements.
Error in wtfFor (line 108)
lambda1(j-1) = lambda1(j) - h/6*(n11 + 2*n21 + 2*n31 + n41);
When I added the two missing end statements at the end of the your code and paused it in the debugger, on line 108 and looked at the variable dimentsions and values, I noticed that some of your n(a,b) values are vercors and some are scalars. It seems to me that you are wanting all n(a,b) values to be scalar so you must have some error in the code for the equations of the n(a,b) variables. The image below shows what I saw in the debugger.
Notice that n11 and n12 are vectors but n14 and n13 are not? I don't think that should be the case, but then again all I have no idea what your code is supposed to be doing so I have no way of knowing what should be expected and where.
It look like the problem is coming from gthe equations (if I am understanding this correctly, and I don't know that I am) compare the equations for n11 and n13:
n11 = Q - beta*x2*(lambda1(j)-lambda2(j))- psi*x3(j)/(x3(j)+ xi)*((lambda1(j)-lambda2(j)))-(mu + u(j));
n13 = -lambda1(j)*psi*x3(j)*x1(j)/(x3(j)+ xi)^2;
Notice that the "x2" term in the equation for n11 does not have an iterator acting on it but the "x1" term in the equation for n13 does ( x1(j) ).
That is why n11 turns into a vector and n13 does not. I suspect that this is at least part of your problem.
Either way, your code is missing 2 end statements and it will trap the processer in the while loop forever unless you change the value of the variable "test" somehere inside of the while loop.
Hope that this at least points you in the right direction~

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