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Is it possible to convert a symbolic set of DAEs to a state-space form?

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I was wodering if there is a way in Matlab to convert a set of DAEs to the state-space form symbolically; I have a system with first-orer DEs and AEs and I want to linearize them to get the state space form in a symbolic method.
Thank you for your reply.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 Jun 2019
No function is provided for that purpose.
I am not very familiar with DAE. I did some reading last night to determine more about what they are and how they are solved. It looked to me as if an important step was solving an implicit equation . The theory I was looking at implied that could always be done, but it glossed over it and I think it missed out on a number of possibilities in making that implication. In any case, even when inversion exists, it does not follow that there is a closed form solution for the inversion, so it is not at all obvious to me that it is always possible to automate the symbolic work.

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