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matlab file on disk might be empty

Asked by Peter Bäuerle on 17 Jun 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Jan
on 17 Jun 2019
Well, I frequently get this error now, which makes it nearly impossible to improve my codes, because I always have to save the file under a new name. Is anyone familiar with this problem (current Windows 10, current Matlab R 2018.b)? I'm grateful for any hints that might solve this issue....
Thanks a lot!


Complete error message:
Error writing [filename].m
The file on disk might be empty or incomplete. Ensure there is sufficient free space on your drive, and then save the file again. Do not reload the file before you successfully save it.
Thanks for your hints so far: it is indeed related with the network. As soon as I save the file on my local disk and work on this it behave normal. Hoiwever, this an institute network and normally we are working on the network drive, were is sufficient space for large amount of data. By doing so, the error occurs permanent....
Any idea for a network solution (right now I'm working with the local drive)?
Which file system do you have on the network disk? Do other computers access your files?
It might be easier to store the files locally and synchronize them, when you shut down Matlab or the computer.

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1 Answer

Answer by Guillaume
on 17 Jun 2019

I would suggest you contact your IT. There's clearly a synchronisation problem between your computer and the network drive. Note that it is not restricted to matlab, it's just that matlab is more sensitive to it.


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