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Craig Minchin
Craig Minchin on 4 Apr 2011
I'm new to matlab and am wondering if this is possible for a college project.
I want to make a synthesizer, it'll use java to take in MIDI messages from an external MIDI keyboard and will generate sounds in real-time.

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Ruslan López
Ruslan López on 17 Nov 2011
Perhaps using udp messages, but i don't see why use Matlab because I don't know any way of working in the score level :/

Tucker McClure
Tucker McClure on 27 Dec 2012
Hi Craig,
There's a MIDI Interface available in File Exchange for MIDI input. It's Windows-only.
In order to generate real-time sound in MATLAB, you'll need an ability to buffer sound going to the audio interface. The DSP System Toolbox comes with such an ability (dsp.AudioPlayer) and also includes low-latency ASIO drivers (these are for Windows; Mac's native drivers are already low latency). Another File Exchange entry (the Real Time Audio Processor) provides a real-time sound generation framework and an example of building a simple synthesizer in MATLAB. It also includes the MIDI Interface from above.


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