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find the largest mutual information between images

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hello everyone. I have a single image called 'A' and a voulme with slices called 'B1,...B100'.
I want to find the best match slice from any image of 'B' with A by finding the largest mutual information of each A&B1,A&B2,...,A&B100.
for example the mutual information between A and B50 is the most largest, so the most similar slice of volume B with image A, is B50.
Could you help me please?
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PabiG il 25 Giu 2019
do the A and B-images have the same 2D-size?
If so, I would suggest to do something like that:
Differences = zeros(size(B,3)); %or cell(size(B,3)) if you want to analyze the local errors
for i = 1:size(B,3)
Differences(i) = mean(( (A - B(:,:,i)).^2 ).^.5, 'all'); %mean diff between pics
[minValue, minIndex] = min(Differences);
MostSimilar_B = B(:,:,minIndex);
Is that what you want?
talayeh ghodsi
talayeh ghodsi il 25 Giu 2019
thanks for your answer, but no they are not the same size.
and i want to use mutual information for the similarity measure, the best match will be the largest mutual information

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