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find mutual information between images

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hi every body
i have written a code to find the mutual information between one fixe image called 'X' and 33 images called 'Y'. (i have downloaded the MI_GG from
but the answer of my code is only one, but it should be 33 values.
how should i change the code?
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surf_read_dir='E:\phd\zahra taati\CT-4chamber\for\x00_68\croped\';
files=dir('E:\phd\zahra taati\CT-4chamber\for\x00_68\croped\*.jpg');
X = rgb2gray(imread('echo.jpg'));
for im=1:size(files)
fdir = strcat(surf_read_dir , files(im).name);
slice_im = load(fdir);
Y = rgb2gray(imread(fdir));
YY = imresize(Y,sz);
M = MI_GG(X,YY);

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sourav  malla
sourav malla il 26 Giu 2019
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talayeh ghodsi
talayeh ghodsi il 28 Giu 2019
thanks for your answer. is there any solution of that to use between 2D image and 3D volume instead od 2D-2D?

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