Compiled .NET assembly cannot start parpool if run from "Program Files" directory as non-administrator (Windows 10, Matlab 2017b)

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Hi. We are using Matlab 2017b on a Windows 10 desktop, with parallel computing toolbox and its "parfor" function.
We have written a *.m file and compiled it into a .NET assembly "parforfunction.dll/etc." using Matlab complier.
Then the assembly is used in a C# project (Visual Studio 2017) and compiled into a standalone application "prj.exe".
What we found is that, if "prj.exe" is executed from "C:\Program Files\<>" (our default install path), it always fails to start the parallel pool (parpool).
Alternatively, parpool can be started successfully in either cases below:
  1. "prj.exe" is executed from "C:\Program Files\<>" as Administrator;
  2. "prj.exe" is executed from a directory other than "C:\Program Files\<>". E.g., C:\project\.
However, if we package a *.m file into a standalone application using Matlab compiler "prj2.exe", and execute it from "C:\Program Files\<>", it can start parpool successfully, even without administrator privilege.
This code must be deployed as .NET assembly, and we cannot require users to run as Administrator. Does anyone know a workaround for the above issue ?
Below are console message when running "prj.exe" from "C:\Program Files\<>".
Starting parallel pool (parpool) using the 'local' profile ...
Warning: Unable to write to requested folder 'C:\Users\<name>\AppData\Local\Temp\<name>\mcrCache9.3\<>project name>\local_cluster_jobs\R2017b'. Perhaps you do not have the correct access permissions. You will be unable to store any job and tasks here.
> In parallel.internal.cluster.FileStorage>iDirectoryIsReadOnly (line 1149)
In parallel.internal.cluster.FileStorage (line 102)
In parallel.internal.cluster.FileStorage.createFileStorage (line 127)
In parallel.cluster.CJSCluster (line 543)
In parallel.cluster.Local (line 366)
In parcluster (line 54)
In parallel.internal.pool.argumentsParser>iGetClusterAndNumWorkers (line 128)
In parallel.internal.pool.argumentsParser (line 48)
In parallel.internal.pool.doParpool (line 13)
In parpool (line 98)
In parallel.internal.pool.PoolArrayManager.getOrAutoCreateWithCleanup (line 60)
In pctTryCreatePoolIfNecessary (line 23)
In distcomp.remoteparfor.tryRemoteParfor
In parallel_function
In testParallelExample (line 3)

Answers (1)

Prasad Parameswaran
Prasad Parameswaran on 21 Oct 2019
This issue is due a bug with multiple MATLAB Compiler Rintime(MCR) contexts and has been fixed in R2019b.
The possible workarounds are:
  1. Compile all the MATLAB code in a single .NET assembly to avoid multiple MCR contexts.
  2. Replace "FileStorage.m" file in "%MATLABROOT%\toolbox\distcomp\cluster\+parallel\+internal\+cluster\" with the "FileStorage.m" found in the link and recompile.


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