mclmcrInitialize fails from C++ Linux call

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I have a compiled Matlab model which I compiled using mcc into a shared library.
I call the shared library from C++ code.
This all previously worked under Red Hat 5.5. Now we are on Red Hat 6.9.
Using the same code when I call mclmcrInitialize() from my C++ code I get the following error:
in mclmcrInitialize2_Proxy() from
seg Fault: foundation::msg_svc::threatUtil::CountedMutex::lock() from /sw/MCR/v90/bin/glnxa64/
Also in the debugger at the time of the crash I see mclAddCanonicalPathMacro_proxy from
I'm using Matlab 2015b and SDK version 6.1

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Prasad Parameswaran
Prasad Parameswaran on 26 Feb 2020
On Linux, you get the segmentation fault because you have not allocated memory for the output pointer of pointers. To resolve the crash, you can declare the output variable as a pointer of pointers and then allocate memory, as below:
mxArray **out;
/*This line is necessary when compiled with GCC compiler on Linux*/
out = mxCalloc(1, sizeof(mxArray*));
/*call compiled function*/
mlfToySatDR(1, out, in1);
/*do other stuff*/
/*dispose of pointers properly*/


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