problem in using if command

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Prakhar Modi
Prakhar Modi on 25 Jul 2019
Commented: Walter Roberson on 25 Jul 2019
hello everyone,
i have 25 observed values. Now i am generating new 25 values with a formula. Now what I want is that the generated value should b near to any of the observed 25 values.
for example: observed value O= 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
now I am generating the value using formula: 1+i. So i am writing a code like
for j=1:25
for i=1:50
So my question is that I want that the generated value v(1) should have a maximum difference of 1 with any of the observed data O. And when we generate v(2) then again it should have max difference of 1 with observed O but it should not consider that observed value which it has considered during v(1). Means if for v(1) is calculated with difference with O(3), then for v(2) when "if" command executes than it should not consider O(3) again.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 25 Jul 2019

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