Is it possible perform RMSE and SSIM in different size image?

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Hi, I wanna obtain RMSE and SSIM in different size image cause the images I used cannot be equalized in size. I attached those images.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 31 Jul 2019
No, those measurements cannot be computed for images that are different sizes.
You would want to trim out the irrelevant borders and then imresize to have them match sizes. It might make sense to resize to a consistent size rather than to the larger or smaller size.
Diah Junaidi
Diah Junaidi on 1 Aug 2019
Got this problem:
Index exceeds matrix dimensions.
Error in cobaRMSE (line 26)
cropped_imageB = A(first_rowB:last_rowB, first_colB:last_colB,:);
A=imread('D:\DIAH\[MATLAB]cv1-fingerspelling-recognition-master\cv1-fingerspelling-recognition-master\Hasil Percobaan Standard\1.jpg');
B=imread('D:\DIAH\[MATLAB]cv1-fingerspelling-recognition-master\cv1-fingerspelling-recognition-master\Hasil Percobaan HSV\1\Hasil Citra HSV_1a.jpg');
pix_used = any(A,3);
col_used = any(pix_used,1);
row_used = any(pix_used,2);
first_col = find(col_used,1);
last_col = find(col_used,1,'last');
first_row = find(row_used,1);
last_row = find(row_used,1,'last');
cropped_image = A(first_row:last_row, first_col:last_col,:);
pix_usedB = any(B,3);
col_usedB = any(pix_usedB,1);
row_usedB = any(pix_usedB,2);
first_colB = find(col_usedB,1);
last_colB = find(col_usedB,1,'last');
first_rowB = find(row_usedB,1);
last_rowB = find(row_usedB,1,'last');
cropped_imageB = B(first_rowB:last_rowB, first_colB:last_colB,:);

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