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Solve a linar system A*x=b with function

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m m
m m il 5 Ago 2019
Commentato: the cyclist il 5 Ago 2019
Can i use function to solve a linear system A*x=b ,knowin g that A has a tridiagonal form with a variables coefficients (not constants)?
i used this function V=Tridiag(p,q,r,s); for a constatant coefficients of A and it works very well. i ask if can i use the same method for a variables coefficients?
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John D'Errico
John D'Errico il 5 Ago 2019
Undefined function or variable 'Tridiag'.
>> help Tridiag
Tridiag not found.
Use the Help browser search field to search the documentation, or
type "help help" for help command options, such as help for methods.
So only you know if Tridiag will work, since it was you who seems to have either written it, or found it someplace online. It is not supplied as part of MATLAB. We have no crystal ball to know what it is or what it does.
the cyclist
the cyclist il 5 Ago 2019
Do you mean tridiag from the File Exchange?
If so, I guess you could try asking the author of that function.

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