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How to generate Polyspace project options into a text file from an already existing Polyspace project in Polyspace Code Prover 2016b?

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Can anyone please specify the syntax, how and where to use the command to do the above specified function.

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Alexandre De Barros
Alexandre De Barros il 23 Ago 2019
there is no way to convert a .psprj to a text options so to speak, but if you go one of the results folder of your project, then into the subfolder .settings, you will find the file options_command.txt. This text file contains the options of the project.
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Imran Ahmed
Imran Ahmed il 23 Ago 2019
Thanks Alexandre for your answer. My only problem with the way you've suggested is the options might change from one result to another, thus making the options_command.txt obsolete.

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