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I have a tab group that is my highest level of organization in my app. Within each tab, I have a series of panels that I would like to reflow when the app is resized. Right now they don't, because they are in a tab group. Is is possible to get the panels within a tab group to reflow as panels do when not in a tab group? I have pasted a shot of my app. The tab group is evident, and I have highlighted the two panels I want to reflow.
Thanks in advance.

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Rajani Mishra
Rajani Mishra il 21 Ago 2019
Reflow is possible if an app is built using the reflow template. Currently app designer does not provide panels within a tab group as a starting template. Currently app designer offers either two or three panels as a starting template.
You can start with the template currently available and design accordingly.

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Melissa Williams
Melissa Williams il 1 Ott 2019
You can implement the reflow yourself by adding a 1 row, 2 column grid to the tabs and adding your panels to each grid cell. This is how the reflow is implemented in the 2 and 3 panel apps. If you take a look at the generated code for a 2 panel reflowing app and look at the updateAppLayout function, you will see the logic behind it.
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galaxy il 21 Set 2022
Could you please give a example ?. I tried, but it did not succesfull.
Thank you so much

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