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Call to autosar_make_rtw_hook ended with error

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Samir Revelo
Samir Revelo il 15 Ago 2019
Commentato: Melih il 16 Ago 2022
I´m trying to compile my simulink model which is configured with AUTOSAR tlc.
I defined some time ago a Simulink.AliasType wheel_velocity_t, which I haven´t used yet. This numeric type has following characteristics:
Currently I want to use this numeric type for all of the computations inside of my model to be also fix point signals. While attempting to generate code for the model I got this error:
The call to autosar_make_rtw_hook, during the after_tlc hook generated the following error: 'wheel_velocity_t' is not a valid name for the type in package '/SysMdl/Erv/Datatypes/ApplDataTypes'. Another element with the same name already exists in that package. Please rename the type or change the package.
Nevertheless, I cannot access to the content of mentioned folder ApplDataTypes to delete the already exisiting types.
I need to solve this issue soon since I´m not able to generate any code.
I look forward to getting soon support from you.
Many thanks in advance for your reply.
Samir Revelo

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Urmila Rajpurohith
Urmila Rajpurohith il 22 Feb 2021
It might be because XML Options are configured such that Application Data Types and Data Types are pointing to the same location. Since they are pointed to the same location, all generated implementation data types and application data types are assigned the same fully qualified path and that is forbidden in Simulink.
To avoid this you can try making the package names for Application Data Types and Data Types different.
Hope this helps!


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