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How to plot data samples in three dimensions?

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Robert_ on 20 Aug 2019
Answered: Ted Shultz on 21 Aug 2019
I got a radar data cube for a fmcw radar. The rows represent the data for one chrip, the columns four receive antennas and the third dimension the number of chirps I model. Now I want to plot the chirp of one receive antenna in x-y-plane and all the chirps of one receive antenna in the z-domain spaced apart.
It should look something like that (without the rotation, n would be the time, m the number of chirps stored in third dimension and the amplitude is y)
Edit: Also a continous surface would work. Separation with axes as shown in the draft is not of importance
Thank you for any suggestions

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Ted Shultz
Ted Shultz on 21 Aug 2019
you can use plot3. Let the row be y, time be x, and n be z. You will get a plot, but it won't be nice like what you show, as a real radar has a lot more data....




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